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Choosing the best false lashes for your wedding day | The Petite Club

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False lashes are definitely a must have when it comes to your big day. Not only are they cry-proof but they’re also incredibly photogenic. Offering up special powers that make your eyelashes appear more accentuated - they are especially effective for those with hooded or smaller eyes.

As your special day quickly approaches, you may be struggling to decide on the perfect falsies to pair with your wedding dress. If you want to leave your guests questioning whether your eyelashes are real or fake, keep these tips and tricks from the pros in mind. 

Eye shape

Picking the right falsies for your eye shape can make or break your look. Choosing a false lash with the right density, curve and length allows for a more dramatic look and can elevate and enhance your lash line. This saves time from cutting and trimming your false lashes and allows you to focus more on the moments that really matter.

If you have small or hooded eyes, you may have struggled with falsies in the past because of your straight lashes, but luckily there are two easy steps when it comes to combating monolids. 

The first is choosing a lash with a well-defined outer edge and individual crisscross. This style helps to open up the eyes and creates a sense of volume. 

The second is turning up that curl! Choosing a lash that is extra curly adds depth to your wedding look and creates that ‘wow’ factor that will leave your guests holding their breath.

The great thing about false lashes is that once you understand the shape of your eye, the possibilities are endless. 

Dramatic or natural?

Now the real question on everyone’s mind: should you bring the drama or keep it subtle? 

Make sure you get the chance to play around with the two before your big day, as you want to make sure that you choose a lash that looks good and feels even better. You’ll want to make sure that the pair of falsies you choose won’t irritate your eyes or interrupt your killer dance moves on your wedding day.

Another great perk to falsies is that it’s possible to have a more natural-dramatic lash and a more dramatic-natural lash. Want to combine both? 3D lashes offers the best of both worlds. Before you get your tongue tied, check out some of our favourites: 


-       Whispy

-       Poppy


-       Drama

-       Desire


-       Feminist

-       Sunny 

Wedding style

You’ve probably been planning your wedding dress since you were 13, but what about your lashes? While it may seem silly, the dress you pick will likely affect the falsies and make up style you choose. 

If your dress is dainty and modest, a layered wispy lash would be the perfect pair for a beach or garden wedding. If your wedding dress is bolderl, a voluminous cat eye lash would flawlessly complete the look.

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