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How to Clean Your False Lashes the Right Way | The Petite Club

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Tired of buying your favourite lashes over and over again? Whether it’s a beloved pair of luxe faux mink lashes or the classic lashes tucked away in your drawer, cleaning them the correct way will make the most out your lashes, and your look! Read on to discover the latest tips and tricks to cleaning your false lashes.

Why clean your falsies?

Now I know what you’re thinking- why even clean your lashes? The answer is as clear as your lash glue, cleaning your lashes means multiple uses! That’s right, by cleaning your lashes properly you extend the lifetime of your falsies by 5 times and save yourself from chucking them out after 1 wear. 

This means you can wear your favourite falsies to brunch with the girls on Saturday, afternoon tea with the family on Sunday and cocktails after work with your best friend on Thursday. Score!

How to clean these beauties correctly

Cleaning your falsies is not as complicated as you think, once you take them off you’ve pretty much done the hardest part!  

Follow these simple steps below to ace your lash game, both on and off your face.


  1. Wash your hands! Before you even think about reaching for your lashes, make sure that you’ve washed your hands thoroughly to avoid any germs transferring to your lashes. 
  2. Grab some makeup friendly tools! We’re talking a nice clean towel, some cotton swabs, your favourite lash tweezers and the makeup remover on your dressing table.
  3. Place your falsies on a clean towel and dip the end of the cotton swab in your makeup remover, just enough so that it’s not dripping.
  4. Gently rub the cotton swab against the band of your false lashes, using enough pressure to take away any build-up of glue or excess mascara. (It’s important to pay extra attention to the ends of each band, as this is the area that can become easily damaged.)
  5. Grab another cotton swab and dip it in some warm water, this will make the mascara disappear effortlessly.
  6. Now time for the fun part! Using your lash tweezers, grab hold of the glue and gently peel away.
  7. Sit back and be amazed at the brand-new lashes in front of you and voilà, good as new!

A few friendly reminders

An important thing to remember is to be extra careful with natural fake lashes, as they tend to be made from fibre that is thinner than other falsies. Its extra daintiness makes them prone to breaking, so be gentle with your tweezer. 

Lastly, if you’ve tried to clean your falsies and they still look super damaged (or practically falling off the hinge), then it's best to just start fresh. As much as we want to hold onto our favourite lashes, it’s better to buy a new pair and not risk infection. 

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