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How to pick the right false lashes for monolid eyes | The Petite Club

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If you’re an Asian woman with straight eyelashes, we’re sure you can relate to the love-hate relationship you most likely have with fake lash products. The constant struggle of finding the right length, curve and density is almost enough to make you swear off-strip lashes altogether. But don’t give up – you just haven’t found the right pair yet to take your look to that next level.

Just like natural eyelashes, fake lashes come in all lengths and levels of thickness. With so many on the market today, it can be challenging to find one that best suits your look. Let’s start with your eye shape to determine which style will work for you.

Look in the mirror and pay close attention to your socket area. If you can’t find your eyelid crease when your eyes are open, then you may have monolid eyes.

What are monolid eyes?

Monolid eyes are an eyelid shape that doesn’t feature a defined crease. While they are typically a facial feature of Asian people, other races may also have a monolid or an elongated eyelid shape that lacks a crease.

Common characteristics for monolids include straight and uncurled lashes, and no visible crease. As the lid covers the natural lashes, it may give the appearance of shorter eyelashes.

Monolid eyes are something to be celebrated: not only are they beautiful but there are now countless cosmetics brands offering tutorials on how to enhance this facial feature. At The Petite Club, we want to highlight your beautiful eyes and make you feel special. That’s why we’ve created a whole range of falsies for hooded eyes.

Best false eyelashes for monolids

There are three main factors to consider when you’re looking for flattering false lashes for monolids. For one, you should go for a pair of lashes that are longer on the outer edges. Secondly, pick lashes with plenty of curl. Lastly, your falsies should feature individual fluttery lashes that crisscross to open up the eye.

Depending on what look you want to achieve, we have two major styles for you. While we recommend a more natural look for the daytime and a dramatic look for the night, there’s no rules saying you can’t change it up.

Lashes for natural, everyday wear:

Lashes for maximum drama:

How to apply falsies for hooded eyes

If your eyelashes are straight and a bit short, use our falsies for hooded eyes to emphasise your natural eye shape. Here’s how to apply fake monolid eye lashes easily:

  • Curl your natural lashes with our lash curler and apply mascara to your lashes
  • Remove your The Petite Club lashes from the packaging, and trim them to comfortably fit the length of your natural lash line
  • Apply a thin amount of lash glue across the strip. Wait around 10 to 15 seconds for the glue to turn gummy for easy application
  • Begin in the outer corner of your eye and gently roll the lashes on your lash line. When you’re satisfied with the position, gently press along the lash line to glue the false lashes to your eyelids

With a bit of patience as well as trial and error, you’ll be able to apply your false lashes onto your monolids like a pro in no time.

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