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Top 5 Beauty Essentials from The Petite Club

Let your lashes talk this summer with our top 5 beauty essentials! Not only do we have an extensive range of lashes that suit all eye shapes (including monolids!), but we have the tools and accessories to get you looking a million bucks - step aside Kylie Jenner.

Read on to discover our top 5 fave beauty essentials that will take your makeup game to the next level. 

Luxe Faux Mink Collection

Make heads turn with our Luxe Faux Mink lashes, not only will these lashes elevate your makeup look but they will also photograph beautifully thanks to the added dimension and width of the lashes.

Our Luxe collection is handmade and cruelty free, with some of our longest lashes being featured in this collection. Our Drama and Desire lashes are perfect for those nights out with the girls and are guaranteed to look flawless on the gram (even on the 100th take). 

3D Luxe Collection

Our 3D Luxe Collection is the go-to for most occasions, with these beauties being the perfect balance between natural and glam. These falsies blend in flawlessly with your natural lashes, but still provide enough multilayered goodness to create that iconic wispy effect. 

Not only are these lashes essential for their versatility, but they’ll have you feeling incredible everywhere you go. If you’re wanting a minimalistic look try our Hana lash, or if you’re feeling a bit more glam, our Pom Pom lash is the perfect choice.  

Natural Light Collection

When we say essential, we mean literally essential. Woke up half an hour late, frantically smearing on your makeup in hopes that you look semi decent? Don’t worry,  natural light collection has got you covered. With the ability to elevate your look with just one touch, our natural light collection is the holy grail of all lashes.

Our Unstoppable lash is the perfect pick me up for a bare face and can help you conquer the day and make you well, unstoppable! For a bit more dimension, our single layered Whispy lash will lift your lashes and create that natural beauty look.

Line N Lash Adhesive Eyeliner Pen

When it comes to falsies, Line n Lash Liner is the Kendall to your Kylie; you just can’t have one without the other! This magic liner doubles up as an adhesive for your falsies, meaning you can put your lashes on effortlessly- without the mess of glue and magnets. With the added bonus of a felt tip point, this liner is definitely a must have!

Pick Me Up Lash Applicator

This lash applicator was made from the lash gods themselves. With a curved tweezer edge for added precision, your lashes will be looking extra fabulous (or should we say fabulash).

This applicator not only helps with the actual application of your falsies, but it also comes in handy when cleaning the gunk off your lashes. This applicator is also the perfect size, simply pop it into your handbag and be on your way, worry free. 

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