The Petite Club False Eyelashes Single Lash Photo - Be Mine
The Petite Club False Eyelashes Eye Closeup - Be Mine
The Petite Club False Eyelashes Eye Front - Be Mine
The Petite Club False Eyelashes Monolid Closeup - Be Mine
The Petite Club False Eyelashes Monolid Front - Be Mine
The Petite Club False Eyelashes Packaging Photo - Be Mine

Be Mine Lashes

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What does it feel like to be sought after every day? Be Mine is the most covetable everyday lash, with its light criss-cross effect giving just enough density to brighten up any natural glam.


Petite’s Natural Collection offers premium-quality, cruelty-free single-layered lashes with a light volume effect.

Lash Length:
5 - 9mm
Band Type:
Ultra Thin Black

Always handle the false lashes by the band and not the hairs as they are delicate.

After each use, gently remove any excess lash glue using your applicator or fingers.

Store the lashes in a case or back on the original tray to maintain its shape.

If your lashes lose their curl then use a lash curler to reshape them.

To preserve the curl of your lashes we recommend avoid getting them wet or soaking them in water or makeup remover.

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100 % Animal Cruelty Free


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Handmade With Care




How to apply lashes like a pro

Step 1

Curl your natural lashes first. We recommend our Petite Curler for those of us with shorter lashes. Also, now would be a good time to apply mascara on your natural lashes.

Step 2

Remove your Petite eyelashes from the tray by pulling on the band rather than the lashes. Although we strive to make our lashes perfect for petite eyes: if the falsies are longer than your eye shape, trim the lash as appropriate.

Step 3

Apply a thin layer of our Stick With Me clear eyelash glue along the lash band. Wait about 30 seconds or until the glue is tacky. Be patient, it’s worth the wait!

Step 4

Place the lash band on top of your natural lash line and say a prayer. (Kidding! It’s not that hard, we promise.)

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